AAIS Alliance Partner

Overland Solutions, Inc. is an inaugural AAISalliance partner and featured on the newly redesigned website of American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS). The AAISalliance is designed to provide AAIS members special pricing and information services with preferred companies, one of which is Overland Solutions, Inc. Services from Overland Solutions, Inc. and other AAISalliance partners will be visible and readily available to AAIS member companies that use the AAISdirect internet service. Other AAISalliance partner organizations include e2value, MarketStance and RiskMeter.Featured positioning on the AAIS website means increased industry-wide promotion and awareness of the Overland Solutions, Inc. brand and services. It is also a powerful endorsement from AAIS – a national insurance advisory organization that develops policy forms and rating information used by more than 600 Property & Casualty insurers throughout the United States.”AAIS is a knowledgeable forum of experts who keep abreast of trends and issues facing our industry. AAIS members appreciate the value of information and Overland Solutions, Inc. offers services to empower their best business decision-making. We look forward to assisting AAIS in its goal of providing premier and cost-effective services and information solutions to its member companies and affiliates,” said Jeffery L. Haniewich, Chief Executive Officer, Overland Solutions, Inc.

For additional information about AAIS, please visit their website at www.aaisonline.com.