Customer-Centric Audit Strategy

Today’s market reinforces an even greater need for making sound business decisions. I want our customers to know that we are firmly committed to our leadership position, offering nationwide, data-rich premium audit services. Our all-employee audit workforce continues to serve all 50 states with expertise and professionalism.

Moving forward, we are taking proactive steps to align our personnel to implement an enhanced customer-centric strategy. In the coming weeks, you can look forward to many exciting changes.

  • The OSI Physical Audit will offer 3 product tiers to better match your data requirements.
  • AuditStreamâ„¢ will add functionality for companion policies, aiding to increase completion rates for the voluntary audits as policyholders use our innovative web portal.
  • Our predictive analytic tools maximize powerful data and modeling to improve your loss ratios and profitability.
  • A renewed emphasis on account management and customer satisfaction sustains a strong partnership with Overland Solutions, Inc.

The professionals of Overland Solutions, Inc. appreciate the confidence that you have placed in us. Gathering the highest quality of information is always our top priority.