OSITrac®ASPEN Wins 2011 Adobe MAX International Award

Overland Solutions, Inc., a leader in business outsourcing services for the insurance industry, announced today OSITrac® ASPEN, their new workflow “smart forms” and data management application, won the 2011 Adobe MAX Award in the Digital Enterprise: Empowering Employees Category.

“The work of this year’s winners represents some truly impressive examples of how Adobe technology is used to push the boundaries of digital expression. Work like this inspires all of us at Adobe to continue to drive breakthroughs in digital media,” said Kevin Lynch, chief technology officer, Adobe Systems Incorporate.

Overland Solutions teamed with Adobe Systems and Avoka Technologies to take on a comprehensive overhaul of OSI’s systems and processes to create a state-of-the-art field representative inventory management and smart forms system, named OSITrac® ASPEN.

“We undertook the ASPEN project to improve the productivity of our field representatives, to standardize and structure the data we are collecting and to more quickly respond to our customers’ requests for custom reports and data feeds,” said Craig Locante, President of Overland Solutions’ Survey Division.

“In addition to enhancing the quality and time service of our traditional products, ASPEN also significantly advances our data solutions capabilities,” Locante said. “This international award from Adobe is a great compliment, and is evidence that the project team has succeeded on all fronts.”

The mobile application enhances OSI’s ability to control the quality and consistency of data being captured in the field. Static forms, such as paper, Word, or Excel, are replaced with the highly trusted technology of SmartForms Apps. Field teams will be able to work on site with or without the benefit of a network connection.  Lastly, this mobile application supports the broadest possible range of computing platforms, including the transition to low cost tablet devices in the future.

Adobe received hundreds of entries from designers and developers worldwide. The top 18 entries across six categories were identified as finalists by a panel of Adobe judges and industry experts.