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AuditStream, exclusively developed by Overland Solutions, is a secure workflow-based web portal designed to increase the completion rate of premium audits for commercial-lines carriers. AuditStream provides the ideal selection process for smaller Workers’ Compensation and General Liability policies, at the most affordable cost. The patented portal was created in partnership with behavioral psychologists to provide a compelling user experience for nearly all business/industry types. Users enter required information into a secure web site featuring intuitive questions that help guide them through the process. AuditStream applies configurable rules and best-practice processes to increase completion rates and trigger additional data requests or escalation to a phone audit if needed. Each report is reviewed by a trained, premium audit professional, for quality assurance. Completed AuditStream reports are delivered according to the customer’s preference, via system-to-system (S2S), web or email transfer. Unlike service providers offering web-based premium audit data forms that are static data repositories and typically require more information, AuditStream creates a one-of-a-kind, intuitive workflow portal that alleviates administrative hassles and follow-up. AuditStream typically yields completion rates 30% higher than manually completed voluntary premium audits.

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AuditStream® – U.S. Patent No. 8,566,130