Overland Solutions Audit

OSI Phone Solutions

Overland Solutions Inc. (OSI) Phone Solutions are a smart choice to get reliable, budget-friendly information without an on-site visit. Each of our specialists completes extensive training to ensure they ask the right questions, getting the most accurate information during the interview process. OSI’s skilled employees gather the requested data using the most advanced technology available, allowing us to return the data quickly and efficiently.

iStock_000009716997_SmallsizedOther benefits include:
  • Consistent, on-time service
  • Direct contact with policyholder
  • Verification of business and exposures
  • 100 percent dedicated staff with nationwide coverage
  • Established business hours accommodating all time zones

Our solutions can get you the maximum data while keeping your budget in mind. OSI’s core competencies include customer-centric processes, capacity for high volumes of work, responsive customer service and customization.